Pearl Harbor CGI
by Parks Stephenson

Copyright © 2010 Parks Stephenson

Draft computer-generated imagery (CGI) generated as a research tool for use in our investigation adjunct to the 2009 Lone Wolf expedition. What started as a simple project turned into an obsession, as I ended up building every ship in the harbour that day, along with the landmass from Ford Island to Hickam Field. The renders are not meant to be photorealistic...I needed clarity in order to demonstrate certain aspects of theories which I was developing.

I will be rendering more views (and maybe even some animation) from my Pearl Harbor model...please check back periodically for updates. I will update the model as new information comes to light. Any suggestions for a particular view will be considered. All CGI was modelled and rendered using Newtek's Lightwave 3D.

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CG renders:

Ford Island 1

Ford Island 2

Battleship Row

Periscope view of the USS Oklahoma

Periscope view looking up the battleship line

USS Japanese midget sub I-16tou

USS Arizona 1 (unfinished model)

USS Arizona 2 (unfinished model)

West Loch salvage

Additional CGI are used as illustrations for some of the articles elsewhere on this website.