(B) CONTROL ROOM - contains:

(a) All depth and ship control instruments.

(b) Small crystal controlled radio.

(c) Periscope.

(d) Torpedo tube controls.

(e) Gyro compass.

(f) Electrically actuated directional gyro.

(g) Small electric trim pump.

(h) H. P. air manifold.

(i) Small regulator tank.

(j) Hydrogen detector.

(C) AFTER BATTERY - contains:

(a) 3/4 of entire battery (36 cells).

(b) Sound equipment.

(c) Air conditioning apparatus.

(d) Air purification.

(e) 56.5 gallon trim tank under battery.

3. MOTOR ROOM - 24' 10 112" long to end of propellor hub, bolted to center section - contains:

(a) Motor control panels.

(b) Motor.

(c) Gear box.

(d) Small free flooding tank.

(f) Tail assembly.

2. CONNING TOWER - 5' 6" high to top of periscope shears, mounted directly over control room, contains:

(1) Small tube leading to hatch which can be opened from inside only.

(2) Periscope.

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