Aft part of Mid Section in 2001

Aft part of Mid Section in March 2009

A brass or bronze fixture is lying on the bottom with the corroded debris from the aft section of the conning tower. There are wires hanging out of the conning tower that were attached to this fixture. It is HURL's opinion that this artifact should be recovered and put on display in the new Arizona Memorial museum. This is strictly the decision of the working group. HURL will not touch this artifact unless it is the decision of the management group to recover it and there are observers from the management group in the submersible and a plan is in place for preservation. It is our opinion that this artifact will be lost as the submarine continues to decay and crumble.

This brass fixture is clean with a piece of the corroded steel fairing still attached where it was bolted to the conning tower. A pair of wires can be seen hanging out of the conning tower directly above where this piece is laying on the bottom.

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