The dive plan for the forward end of the Mid section was to try and remove some of the debris from the doorway to try and see if there were 2 air flasks just inside the doorway that would confirm that this was a Pearl Harbor midget sub. We felt that Admiral Ueda had already confirmed that this is the 5th midget sub when he told us the figure eight torpedo guard configuration was only used on the 5 Pearl Harbor attack submarines. The bow section lying nearby has the figure eight torpedo guard configuration.

The doorway in the forward end of the mid section is plugged with batteries that must have dislodged and piled in the doorway when the mid section was jettisoned.

We did not feel it was necessary to compromise the condition of the wreck any further by trying to remove the batteries from the doorway.

If further investigation is desired, the hole in the starboard forward end of the mid section would allow a view into this area if a light was inserted.

This damaged area was not present when the mid section was discovered on September 5, 2000. Damage to this area was observed during the next visit to the site on August 30, 2001 but it was not an open hole at that time. We were unable to get a clear view into the interior with only exterior lighting. I believe it would be possible to see the airtanks if a light source was inserted into the opening.

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