Veteran Acknowledgements

It was my greatest honour and privilege to meet and talk with veterans of the attack. Their voices were key to bringing life to our story.

- Parks Stephenson

Kichiji Dewa (I-16tou detachment), Chika Le (translator), Parks Stephenson

Arnold Bauer (USS Vestal), Parks Stephenson, Jim Bounds (USS Oklahoma)

Stuart Hedley (USS West Virginia), Will Lehner (USS Ward), Parks Stephenson, Alex Bernal (West Loch survivor)

Parks Stephenson, Don Stratton (USS Arizona)

Parks Stephenson, Jim Bounds (USS Oklahoma)

Parks Stephenson, Will Lehner (USS Ward)

Parks Stephenson, Ken Larson (West Loch salvage diver), YT-153

Parks Stephenson, Kazuo Ueda (IJN/JMSDF Submarine Force)

I am also grateful to the following veterans, with whom I corresponded: