Expert Acknowledgements

There are many knowledgeable experts on the Pearl Harbor attack and the Japanese midget subs from whom I learned much.

- Parks Stephenson

My colleague, partner-in-crime and the guy who pulled me into this insanity, Tom Taylor.

Terry Kerby (HURL), Midori Yanagihara (NHK), Sally Levi (LWDG) and Kirk Wolfinger (LWDG). Terry found the first of the three midget sub sections as early as 1992 and the last as late as 2001. The crew at HURL continually finds evidence off the Hawaiian islands that redefines history as we think we know it.

Syoto Koga, Gou Okumoto, Parks Stephenson, Ingo Bauernfeind. I am surrounded by the Axis powers.

Sally Levi (LWDG). Words cannot describe how essential she was to this project in so many ways.

John Chatterton...and no, you don't want to know.

Kirk Wolfinger (LWDG), Kichiji Dewa (I-16tou detachment). Kirk bet it all on my roll of the dice. Looks like he'll never learn, God love him.

I never did get a good photo of Burl Burlingame, the guy whose book, Advance Force Pearl Harbor, was the inspiration and roadmap for our research. He's also a great host and guide to Honolulu's best eating establishments.

I am also grateful to the following, with whom I met, worked with and/or corresponded (in alphabetical order):

Special Tribute