The Last Pearl Harbor Survivor
by Parks Stephenson

Copyright © 2010 Parks Stephenson

Author's Note: My thanks to Ralph Holzhaus II and Samantha Holzhaus DeZonia for providing copies of family papers regarding Lieutenant Ralph Holzhaus's service in the US Navy.


In a letter submitted to the Roberts Commission, dated 1 January 1942, Rear Admiral Bloch, Commandant 14th Naval District, stated:

On December 7, 1941, the [anti-torpedo net at the entrance to Pearl Harbor] was opened at 0458 for two [minesweepers] to enter, these vessels having been out for the regular morning sweep. As far as can be ascertained, the net was kept open until 0840 when it was closed by orders. The net was not damaged. The submarine was first sighted at 0745 by YT-153 near channel buoy No. 17, close to the coal dock.

Thus the stage was set for yet another encounter between US naval forces and the Japanese Advance Force, only one of two inside the harbour.

YT-153 shown in her wartime configuration.

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