The Last Pearl Harbor Survivor
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YT-153 today

During our investigation adjunct to the 2009 Lone Wolf expedition, I managed to find the ex-YT-153 to be still in use at Specialty Diving Services, Inc., in North Kingstown, Rhode Island. In May 2009, I visited the area and went aboard the old tug, now re-named Hawk. With a growing interest in the boat, the owner had painted in the original designation, which is spot-welded into the upper strakes on the bow. The owner also supplied diagrams of the ship in her current configuration, along with a copy of the ship's deck log from the war. The following photos show the tug as she appeared during our visit.

The tug has been re-engined and her interior modified to fill her role as a construction dive boat. However, this boat began life as the YT-153 and as such, is a bona fide veteran of the attack on Pearl Harbor. Two other tugs from that day are still with us, but are no longer operable. With the ex-YT-153 still in daily use, that makes her the last known Pearl Harbor survivor and one of the very few that took on the Japanese submarines.